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M Süß

Great Project, great images, great idea.

Yvonne Sieben

Bilder die das Leben schreibt - gezeichnet in die Gesichter ist die Ratlosigkeit. Nein, man wird Nichts im Leben vergessen. Aber man kann lernen Leid zu teilen. Ein Leben danach ist möglich wenn der Geist sich öffnet und nicht die Seele frisst. Danke für diese beeindruckenden Bilder. Ein Lob an alle mitwirkenden Künstler die Leben, Leid und Hoffnung zum Ausdruck bringen.

tina schelhorn

Dear friends,

in the next days you will find images from the opening, which was great, installation views and installation plans in the site here. Just takes some time to do it all.

the last image went on the wall 5 minutes before opening.

Please check our first internetnagazine article:

Still works can go in the website. Just send them by email.

Thanks again to you all.


Habe eure Site an George Bush persöhnlich geschickt.

Philippe Eisfeld

Liebe Tina, Lieber Wolfgang,

vielen Dank für euer Engagement die Menschen um euch herum nachdenklich zustimmen. Es ist wichtig, heut zu Tage einen Beitrag zu seiner Meinung zu leisten, die nicht medial vorgefasst ist. Ich glaube die Kunst ist mal wieder so frei dies in einer "Art" zu zulassen die nicht immer in "Babylonischer" Sprachverwirrung endet.

Mit den besten Grüßen


P.S. Eure Site ist super gemacht.

Citizens Initiative Omega


Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that

matter. ----Martin Luther King, Jr.

Thank you very much for your valuable site!


Citizens Initiative Omega

"Act as if the principle by which you act were about to be turned into a universal law of nature". --Immanuel Kant


eine wirklich tolle idee.

vielen dank fuer diese seite !


My English is not very good, but i will try to make a good post. This Page here is .......... I can´t say it in words, it´s to good. I´m only a pupil and have no idea from Art. But even I can say, that this pictures speak with the viewer and make him thoughtfully. There are so many questions in this terrible world full with terror and war. Where is no answer, that are questions like "Why can´t we life peacfully?" and "Who are the people behind the threads?" I hope my grammar isn´t so bad and that everybody understand what i wanted to say. In the end I would like praise Jürgen Raap, because I am from Cologne and the text is really good scribed in "Kölsch" you can drink and speak it. my last statement: " There is no end in view"


this is a good idea to show images against war. but most of the pictures are much too yellow to really break up peoples protected safe lifes. there are much more shocks needed to show reality much closer. anyway - good luck to you - and of cause - PEACE!

j stumpe

perfekt ! werde es unter meinem linkportal "" weiterverbreiten.

gruesse juergen

Johannes Eder

some really impressive art here..


hi there,

a lot of good works.

i am very impressd by the photos from anu suhonen.

Ari Saarto

Hi, this all looks great! How about showing us pictures from the opening?

Thorben Schulte

Eine gute Idee und eine gute Aktion.

Ich wünsche Euch viel Erfolg mit dieser Seite, möge die Resonanz mit Euch sein.

Thorben Schulte

Fred Asbury

Living in the center of the United States, we are insolated from much of the rest of the world and the real thoughts and ideas of it's peoples. I salute your effort, the expense in time and money to produce this vast work of art and your bravery in standing up and making a statement for sanity. I trust that all who see this web site will pass it on to everyone they know. Thank You.

Jürgen Terhé

Hello Darlings,

a very big BRAVO and THANK YOU for this absolutly welldone page.

Take care and carry on.

Lots of love and good vibrations from

Gudrun and Jürgen

Jürgen Terhé

Hallo Ihr Lieben,

ein absolutes BRAVO und Danke für diese wunderbare einfache aber dennoch so aussagekräftige Seite.

SUPER weiter so...

Ganz viele liebe Grüsse von Gudrun Röder und Jürgen Terhé

tina schelhorn

thanks to all participating artist.

the opening was a big success, even on the special occation like carnival right now in Cologne.

Everybody else went to sleep some time ago and i sit alone in the rubbish after an opening. Hope we can establish a forum about photography here.

More infos later tomorrow

it was worth all the work without sleep.

good night

Pilar Albajar

Some corrections : The tittel of photos No guerra is better : " NO A LA GUERRA "

I don´t know if the phrases " live and work in Vitoria Spain " and " Spanish people don´t want war " are o.k. in English. Please, if not to correct. Thanks you. Pilar

Oliver möst

ich wünsche Euch eine schöne Eröffnung

viel Resonanz & Unterstützung für Eure Aktion

liebe Grüsse Oliver

tina schelhorn

7:37 a.m. - 196 in web - 238 in exhibition -

everything framed and printed - 2 works already on the wall - 12 hours to go

thanks to you all!

the tuff workcrew here:

Frederic - the masterprinter (around 80 from files

Wolfgang - exhibition design (in freehand)

Stefan: handling of "flatware"

Magda: framing, scanning...

David: digies for the exhibition design

Manoel: best boy

Barbara: framing

and, and...


I beg to differ with C.Cambon. If we follow his message, all acts of creation would fall into your "anti-war category." This is not the case. Many, many works of art have been created in violence and pain. Know your history.

Claudio Cambon

Someone earlier in the guestbook mentioned that some of the photos were a "stretch in terms of their anti-war message." I would counter that any photograph, or work of art for that matter, is an anti-war message. It is an act of creation, while war is one of destruction. In and of itself, any piece of art, deliberate or off the cuff, elaborate or humble, is a gesture of peace. If everyone were concerned with making, we would want to preserve what we have, and wouldn't be so obsessed with destroying each other and ourselves. To me every photograph on this site is very pertinent to what is happening now in the world, even if it doesn't seem so on the surface.

Wir finden's toll und unterstützen auch gerne auf unserem Web-Portal.


die website schaut ja ganz toll und vielversprechend aus! Eine kleine Korektur, schreibt bei uns bitte: Haubitz+Zoche


Hansjoachim Nierentz

Liebe Tina,eine grosse Idee und eine fabelhafte Umsetzung.Gratulation. Geredet wird viel........... Hansjoachim Nierentz

David Ury

Some great images here. Congratulations.

Andreas Herzau

Danke für die Initiative, danke für die Anregung...

Viel Spaß und einen netten Abend bei der Eröffnung wünsche ich euch bzw. allen....


very nice site! keep it up and i would be happy if you left a message at



Wilfried H.G. Neuse

text for the guestbook:

"um eine kranheit (krieg) zu heilen, muß man nicht nur die symptome behandeln, sondern man muß die auslösenden ursachen bekämpfen/ausschalten"

wilfried h.g. neuse

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