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Sister of many TRUE VETERANS

Would you allow your children to be shot in front of you while you filmed that too??? Just to say they didn't need to do that??? I think you would you pussy you.. but I'd protect my men and women fighting with me first and then go after you last... myself... and Believe me I WOULD TOO... why don't you just get the crap out of here and run to canada how in the hell can you get away with putting a camera in a fighting man's face stupid idiot???

Sister of many TRUE VETERANS

Who the hell do you think you are?? A Russian communist of German Nazi??? One of those fits but certainly not an American.. go away we don't want you here...


Hey Kevin, you are the lowest fuck on the earth.I

work in TV in Los Angeles, hope you never will knock my door for the job. Hope NBC will find a reason to fire you, get a life you dickless mother fucker.

James Boyd

USMC 67-69 three tours in Vietnam at Hue City, Tet 68. Having fought in the same kind of situation in house to house, street to street I think that the Marine was a hero, he was doing what he was supposed to do and that was to protect his fellow Marines. I would have done and have done the same thing. Although I did not receive the Silver Star as John Kerry did.

Lou Robertson

What is the difference between a radical muslim and the Nazis? Not much in my view. The Nazis were anti Jewish and wanted to wipe the Jewish people from the face of the earth. The Radical Muslims want to rid the world of every person who has a different belief than they,

"The infidels". They will use every means necessary, including killing theirselves to accomplish what their radical-extremist leaders demand,kill as many people as they can from the western civilization,including unarmed men, women and children. Including blowing themselves up. I wonder how long Hitler would have survived if the world had taken a stand sooner and how many lives would have been saved? This threat has to be dealt with now before it escalates any farther.

Our servicemen are in danger and they can not tell by looking at the citizens of Iraq friend from foe. Most of these servicemen are very young and I'm sure very scared. Put yourself in their place, wouldn't you be scared to. I really would like to see a journalist be really truthful instead of trying to paint the US soldier and the US Government as the criminal here. We did not attack first. Now we have to stop this before it gets to the point of another world war between the Radical Muslims and the rest of the world.

Col. Stan Horton, Retired Marine


George Doucette

I'm a Marine who served in Vietnam, Hue City, I know what house to house fighting is all about. You betrayed are country dude. Lets take a look at the Middle east journalist do they show there country men beheading westerners, no they exploit what you media type show on american t.v always neg. towards our counrymen (your countrymen).The media is alwas worried we will hurt our Arab friends. dude they have never liked us or care about us. I hear France is a good assignment this time of year, why don't you get on the Airbus and get the hell out of our counry because you have lost your freedom of speech. Deuce Doucette USMC 66-69 and 1St SGT US ARMY 74-93

Shirley Washut

I am against the war with Iraq, however I do support our troops. I see nothing wrong with the photo's and reports by Kevin Sites. He is simply doing his job as a journalist. Many war supporters would like to hide their heads in the sand and don't want to know the real truth of what is happening there.

None of your fucking business

Dude, your a liberal sissy. Media is all anti war, and all ANTI BUSH. And guess who won, bitch?

I get the last word, I feel superior

Bill Chapman

You should be ashamed of yourself for hanging out the Marine in coverage. He should be promoted and given a medal. YOU SUCK!!!!


You can count yourself lucky I wasn't that Marine. Your Camera would have been mistakenly broken as I may have thought it was a weapon and shot it. I fought in Hue City During the '68 Tet Offensive in Vietnam, and if you have a building that you are receiving fire from the intent is to clear that building with extreme prejudice. That is what keeps you and your men alive. I would rather have all my men come home, and a Terrorist Dead, than take the chance that he was going to kill us. Next time why don't you check the bodies, and see if you find any booby traps... Lets see how much you want to say after the first one screws you up for the rest of your life, that is if you live.

Semper Fi to my Marine Brothers in harms way doing a fine job.


You are the lowest of the lowest!

That marine wasn't FOR OR AGAINST the war. He was doing the job he was sent to do, and protecting YOU and his fellow marines.

Please sign the petition at

I'm sending the following email to DoD, CMC, VP, Pres, all of my congressmen, Navy/Army/Marine Times (use your own imagination to add recipients). It would be a good idea for us to get behind this marine. Can you imagine the slaughter-house that any war would have been, if we had been handcuffed, in the heat of combat???


PLEASE don't tell your troops to hesitate first, then shoot later. DON'T EVEN SEND THAT MESSAGE BY "INVESTIGATING" HIM.... We are losing too many brave warriors, now, due to "political correctness." This marine was in combat and he didn't just run around killing. This one was a clear unknown -- and unknowns in war EQUALS DANGER.

Where is General GEORGE S. PATTON, JR., when we need him to lead our troops? He told his troops NOT to "DIE FOR THEIR COUNTRY," but rather to "let the other poor devil die." That's why we gave them guns and trained them to use them, instinctively!!!

Jim "Zak" Szakmary

Zak/USMC/F 2-11/Viet Nam/'68-'69

Semper Fi (Kick Ass and Take Names!)

Larry T. Bean

If 99 of the enemy's wounded were booby-trapped, and it just happened in your unit yesterday, and the day before, THIS ONE moaning on the floor of a mosque, with weapons all around, IS ONE TOO. Before I was disabled in Law Enforcement, we had a saying, "I would rather be judged by 12, than carried by 6". GOD'S speed to all our troops!!

Donna Cabella - not

Don't be fooled. Someone tried to make this next post look foolish with several misspellings. It was probably one of the lame anti-Americans.

Donna Cabella

I think is is discusting how the media protrayes

everything. All they do is stur up more problems.

Why can't they tell the truth about anything?


You are wrong, and that is not good.

That is not good, at all! You are a saboteur! That's worse! So, I hear you can limbo under snakes!?! Do you feel the whale feces dropping on your head, or are you accustomed to it!?! You see, that is a hole in the ground, and that is your rearmost orifice--see the difference, now!?! I would have a good name for you, but there are no good names for you!!! Buena suerte y asi es la vida!

Joe Oliver

Traitor. That marine did his job. Could have saved your sorry ass when he did. I kinda wish that terrorist that was playing possum had a weapon and winged your arse. They don't care about you or your anti war bullshit. You be just another target, and maybe oneday you'll wake up and find you lost your head.

Be too late to thank that jarhead then.

Remember the Allamo dated 9/11

never forget - never forgotten

Joe Oliver, GED

News & Views: FIGHTBACK

Houston, TX


David M Jenest

It's nice to see you have many French and German fans. Need I say more?


BEN FRANKLIN -- you are clearly delusional -- you are living in something other than the real world. Why don't you get on that cruise ship or airplane with the kooks ... i.e. Babs Strieshand, Alec Baldwin, etc. and the rest of them. Find yourselves a far off island somewhere. Don't forget the tin foil. (To wrap around your head, stupid)

Seriously - true Americans (non-hating, non military bashing, president bashing) SPOKE on November 2. Despite all of the liberal voter fraud going on (yes... it was the liberals!) Bush won, and garnered more votes than any other president. Take a look at the map -- you'll see very little blue on the USA map. Just in areas such as LA, New York, Chicago -- but the rest of America would like to return to what our founding fathers meant for this country to be. Lucky for you, after all of these years, you can still blurt out your whacky thoughts without getting your tongue sliced. Oh ... but if you lived in Iraq under Sadddamn ... that's another story.



A large reason for the Revolutionary war was because the colonies did not feel they were being represented fairly in the British legislature. Remember the whole Taxation without representation speech by some guy named Patrick Henry?

A large reason for the IRAQ war was because after 9-11 we could no longer afford to wait until some lunatic dictator obtains weapons that could kill thousands of Americans.

You are attempting to compare apples and oranges.

Just another low IQ redneck Bush Ditto Head

Ben Franklin States ****************

Since the PHYSICAL EVIDENCE points to US covert action in the taking down of the WTC towers (a diversion to attract your attention as building 7 was being leveled to destroy evidence of cooperation between Bushes and bin Ladens, among other things


You've got to be F#@%ING insane!! X-files has nothing on you brother.

Mike M

kevin sites along with the likes of michael moore, john kerry and jane fonda are unfortunately in position that allow them to spread their anti-American views worldwide. What they don't get is that: First, they are minority Americans and, Second, they effectively motivate more loyal Americans to the true American side just as was demonstrated in the recent presidential election. Keep going, kevin. Keep going michael, jane and john. You are supplying the fuel we need to make that unfortunate Marine who acted out life in the camera's eye a martyr; not a criminal.


It is President of the United States, GWB, that is protecting your right to act like an ass. Go F yourself a$$ hole. Your father should have used a condom.

Fan of Oscar

I have nothing but an enormous desire to kick your ass. You are the lowest of the low, a 21st century Benedict Arnold, a scumbag opportunist who will never amount to nothing but a gutless picture taking rattle snake.

Vila Anderson

Mr. Sites,

My son is in the US Marines, he participated in the start of the war in Iraq, but he was made to stay back because of a knee injury this tour, but my future son-in-law is there now and I would like for you to know that you are a sick individual. Who do you think you should be thanking for the bull---- you are allowed to print on this website and photos you are allowed to show and the opinions you are allowed to express? You are free because of the Marines and other military in place all over the world as we speak now. Be thankful, you arrogant liberal.


It's move!,

maybe have mass destruction weapons!!!

it is a danger for the world!!!!

it will send pre-emptive strike!!!!!

tanxs, Kevin.


Commie pigs like you and your FEW supporters

will get what you deserve in due time,in the

meantime I hope you eat lead you POS and I

hope it is a gut shot so you DIE a slow painful

death.The only good commie,socialist,liberal is

one bleeding out from multiple gunshot wounds.


These photos are too shocking to ever be considered truth by our standards, The Horror, the Horror.

Ernest Stewart

Thank you sir for having the courage to bring the truth about the Junta's "Crimes Against Humanity to the world. You are a patriot and a true American hero and we salute you. A job well done!

Keep raising hell my friend and who knows we may just get our stolen Republic back someday?


Ernest Stewart

Managing editor

Issues & Alibis magazine

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