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Mr President

the proper address for that site is

Mr President

Wonderful Site Keep up the Great Work. here is my main page



horstick-schmitt eva

Hallo Tina Schöllhorn, wenn ich weiss, dass es Menschen gibt, die gegen den Krieg aufstehen,wie Sie und auch so wie ich es oft tat mit Demonstrationen und Kunst gegen den Krieg, dann gibt mir diese Seite echt Mut weiterzumachen und nicht auszuhören in dem Bestreben meine Bilder gegen den Krieg und gegen das Vergessen der Öffentlichkeit zu zeigen.

Danke für diese Ihre Iniatitive!

eva horstick-schmitt


tina schelhorn

484 photographers are in the website now - October 6th, 3.10 am - thanks to all of you

zika bobby

you've made a mark in the arts world. Keep it up and remain blessed.

Tina Schelhorn

hope to see you at the opening of "Images against war" at Galerie l'usine, 40 rue Doyenné, Bruxelles - saturday 13th from 5 to 8 pm

tina schelhorn

476 photographers are in the website now - September 5th, 3.13 am - thanks to all of you

ruth kohn-breil

thanks for adding me, usually its under breil-kohn

so it was funny till if found it...first image

is scanned fuzzily, you may want to substitute

it for revolutionary lady in red, also composite.

thanks much! ruth. Is there a brussels show,

finally? good luck.

Helmut Bäcker

Thanks for this wonderful foto site. It's such an important work you do!

Tanya Ury

Thanks a bunch Harald!

jörg pattberg

Falls es Paul Maggoos Absicht war das Niveau von George W. Bush zu unterbieten, ist ihm das mit seiner einfältigen Propaganda spielend gelungen. Über den offensichtlichen Antiamerikanismus will ich kein Wort verlieren, das wird ohnehin als Totschlagargument abgetan; dass die Ausstellungsmacher sich aber nicht zu schade sind eines der ältesten und offensichtlichsten antisemitischen Klischees in ihre Austellung aufzunehmen zeigt nur die peinliche moralische Beliebigkeit oder schlichte politische und historische Ahnungslosigkeit, die weiten Teilen der deutschen Friedensbewegung zu eigen sind!


Die Idee ist zwar gut, aber manche Bilder haben mit dem Thema "Images against war" so viel zu tun wie Kunst mit Wollen.

Tanya Ury

Mid April, I requested that my photograph beachcomber be removed from Galerie Lichtblick’s exhibition Images Against War, and the Internet site of the same title; my reason, that I did not wish to be associated with a particular work by the artist Paul Magoo still to be seen in Images Against War. His representation of the American flag, with stars that have been replaced by Stars of David, far from being an anti-war statement, is clearly anti-Semitic.

As far as I’m concerned the artist can make whatever pictures he likes; I find issue with the Galerie Lichtblick however, in their unreflective support of Paul Magoo’s politically questionable stance. His symbolism is in no way unproblematic or harmless; it belongs to a tradition seen in German Nazi propaganda of the 1930’s.

The said depiction is part of a group in which Magoo aims to comment on the USA’s aggression on Iraq, but his iconography that suggests the USA’s Jewish domination, an assertion also made by Saddam Hussein, mirrors the conspiracy theory of Jewish world domination, so favoured by the fascists in their argument for ‘the final solution’. Images have power that should not be underestimated. Not so long ago they had the power to persuade the German people that the liquidation of their Jewish compatriots was a necessary thing.

I understand that Galerie Lichtblick in setting up a global collection of images against war wished to be idealistic and therefore proposed not to select or reject any entries (of which there are now over 400); I have been informed to the contrary however, that some applications were denied entry on the grounds of their being ‘bad’ by artistic standards. What are the standards that Lichtblick are setting here then? How easily Neo-Liberal attitudes slip into being Neo-Fascist.

I am an English artist who has lived and worked in Germany now for 10 years. I was motivated to move here to trace and comment on the political and social development in Germany after re-unification, what with the corresponding re-emergence of an aggressive neo-Nazi presence. I have good reason to find the exhibiting of Paul Magoo’s anti-Semitic imagery by Galerie Lichtblick disturbing; I am Jewish and many of my relatives (my grandparents included) were betrayed and murdered here, victims of a false idealism. But it is as a German citizen (I now have English dual nationality) that I now express my outrage; Lichtblick have demonstrated a careless lack of concern in the calculated risk they are taking by presenting Magoo’s anti-Semitic imagery made in Vienna, Austria or in Berlin, Germany where he lives; they seem to think this is OK in virtual space; in Germany, where the gallery exists in real space, the showing of this picture in plain words, would rightly be considered an illegal act, an incitement to hatred.

Galerie Lichtblick ignored my appeal to remove my artwork from this exhibition 2 months ago; since they generally welcome further works from artists (Paul Magoo has a second entry) I would like to request that this statement be my second offering to Images Against War.

Tanya Ury, 2003-06-03, Cologne, Germany

David Ury

I would like to express my distaste at one of the exhibits in your gallery: 'Was die Weltmacht mit der Welt macht', by Paul Magoo.

To view the image click here:

I take particular offence at the third image, the American flag, with the stars removed and replaced by Jewish stars of David. To me this image suggests that American foreign policy and indeed 'Weltmacht' policy is dictated by Jews. Whilst I applaud the aim of the gallery to provide a platform for artists to express their anger at this illegal and dubiously motivated war, I perceive the image to be fundamentally anti-Semitic and reminiscent of the kind of pre-war Nazi propaganda shown in der Sturmer. I happen to be Jewish and despise the current policies eschewed by the Sharon government,

yet to suggest that International foreign policy is dictated by Jews is simplistic racist trash. Please remove it and gain my respect.

I would like to hear how Paul Magoo responds to this criticism and would welcome his (or anyone else's) comments.


>David Ury



Die Fotos von C. Bregnard hauen mich um.


We should have a long stop as Arabs to beware the disastrous fact that embodied the continuation of the comedy of our overwhelming weakness and helplessness in front of the continuous successes of the Jewish planning which is perfectly implemented to exercise full control on the United States. The leader of the world and the manager of Universe affairs in the shadow of the one polar system and domination of American globalization.

This happens in the shadow of a state of defeat and Arabic disappointment and weakness even to approach an attempt to effect or even convincing the successive American Administration that its real interests are with Arabs, and that its continuous negligence of Arab issues and rights, encouragement of aggression and occupation of Israel to their lands will greatly affect Washington's interests in the region.

We have stayed for long times in helpless in situations, we remained silent for long times just like a wake spectator. This helped the Jewish!! To achieve successes which must be succeeded by other successes as long as we are practicing our habit of silence and helplessness? We will remain as usual astonished not believing the blowing surprises.


I'd like to send some of my anti-war images to your site but you don't mention an e-mail address where to send them? You can see two relevant cartoon strips (imaginary interviews with Bush and Blair) on my blog page at:

Best wishes and peace,


not that bad somebody wrote , i like it

continue ......... !! war is what everybody made of -

tina schelhorn

finally 25 new photographers, who were in hold for a while are in the website now.

William Wallace

Mr Blair, Mr Howard and Gov Bush should understand that as the current orgy of pillage in both Basra and Bagdad continues to spin out of control, that their occupation forces by standing to one side ,whilst occupying areas under their control is a specific breach of the Geneva convention of 1949 and Hague Convention of 1907 upon which the Geneva delegates based their "rules of war". When an occupying power takes over another country' s territory, it automatically becomes responsible for the protection of its civilians, their property and institutions. As well it is illegal under international law to stand by as the property of foreign states is looted in a juristriction which lies in under the contol of your forces. The looting of the German, Slovak and Chinese embassies and the French Cultural Centre have occured in areas under U.S control. It should be understood that once we embarked upon the slippery slope of breaching international law by invading of Iraq, that it would give the green light for our leaders to not worry about breeching other international laws as well. It should be understood that we in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia will be held accountable by world opinion if things continue to fall apart. And we will be seeing a much more volitile situation in our own countries if this illegal and immoral invasion decends into a full blown war in the middle east. I think maybe that Gov. Bush, Mr Blair and Mr Howard and the rest of Murder Inc. that you would all best serve your nations interests by stepping down and handing over to people who believe in importance of international law, before you ignite more destruction and carnage in other middle eastern countries.

Sebastian Materne

Meines Erachtens nach stellen solche, bewusst provokanten Bilder das unwahre Gegenteil zur unwahren Propaganda der USA da.

Ich halte es für reine Geldschneiderei und bezweifel den Sinn und Zweck solcher Aktionen. Sollen damit anti-amerikanische Strukturen gefördert werden? Wenn dem so ist, gleicht es einem Verbrechen. Ist dem nicht so, sind manche der gezeigten Bilder (wie das bereits angesprochene mit der US-Flagge) ein künstlerische Entgleisung ohne gleichen.


Sebastian Materne

Andrea Baranski

Sehr geehrte Frau Schellhorn,

das war ja nun nicht gerade eine souveräne Einlassung (11.04.2003). Man kann durchaus geteilter Meinung über die Qualität der eingereichten Fotografien und Beiträge sein. Und in dem Moment sollte man tunlichst anfangen, die unterschiedlichen Sichtweisen zu diskutieren. Die – m.E. zu Recht - kritischen Kommentare pauschal als ‚Gelaber’ und ‚Schwachsinn’ zu diffamieren, stellt die InitiatorInnen und damit auch das vom Ansatz sinnvolle Projekt ins Abseits. Schade!




Ist das eine Aktion gegen Krieg und Intoleranz oder ein trendiges Forum, in dem Künstler und solche, die meinen, sie wären es, ganz locker über ihre neuen links berichten wollen? Bitte überlegt Euch mal, ob Gewalt vielleicht etwas mehr bedeutet, als mal schnell irgendeinen Gruß loszuwerden. Es soll Leute geben, die müssen ihren privaten Scheiß nicht über Gästebücher loswerden.

Lidija Delovska

Ärgerlich.Wenn jemand diese Plattform nutzt um einen Link auf seine Verkaufsseite zu bringen,stellen sich mir die Nackenhaare auf.Auch wenn es sich um Kunst handelt.

Das ist, wie gegen den Krieg sein aber Thyssen-Aktien kaufen.


Tja, schoen gemeinte Campagne, aber ich kann hier leider nur die wenigsten Arbeiten fuer gut empfinden. Lasst euch was einfallen wenn eure Arbeiten etwas aussagen sollen.




Das Projekt gefällt mir gut, einige Bilder erscheinen mir aber gezwungen provokant, z.b. die US-Flagge mit Davidsternen auf Blau. Was soll das? Dass die jüdische Weltverschwörung an allem schuld ist, wissen wir nicht erst seit den Nazis. Ausgehend von einer Anti-Kriegsdemonstration in Paris gab es Übergriffe auf jüdische Jugendliche. Auf einer anderen Demo wurde eine Flagge, wie sie bei den Bildern von paul maggoo zu finden ist, gezeigt. Wenn Maggoo damit einen bornierten arabischen Nationalismus kritisieren will, dann sollte er das deutlicher machen..

Ansonsten finde ich dieses Projekt sehr anregend, prenons position dans nos propres champs!

a-m Selvidge

Hallo, wir sind eine Gruppe Bildender Kuenstler aus verschiedenen Laendern, die uns zum Thema Krieg zusammengeschlossen haben, mit dem Schwerpunkt kulturelle Zusammenarbeit,Projektion anderer Bilder,Einigung anstatt Spaltung.Die Seite befindet sich gerade im Aufbau und soll im oktober fertig werden, und insgesamt ein Work in Progress sein.Bitte besucht uns unter

Gruss Ann-Marie

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