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Mr. Sites, You are doing your job as a representative of the media. Keep the world informed. You are as brave as the soldiers with whom you travel.


If you were truly antiwar you would had been in Yugoslavia in 1999 when Clinton bombed hospitals, marketplaces, passanger trains.. But all of you liberals approve wars that your liberal presidents wage. Just because President Bush is a Republican, and media hates him, you'll all go ou of the way to present this war against terror as something shameful. Shame on you!

mike danger

watch your back asshole; a fragging is coming your way...

Proud American

Now our soldiers on the front lines not only have to be on guard from the enemy in their front, but also from the enemy placed WITHIN their ranks, an an enemy who in the guise of journalistic "objectivity" actually report a slanted version of events tainted by their own anti-military and anti-American bias. This soldier made an instantaneous judgement that there was a threat to the safety of himself and other soldiers in his unit, and acted accordingly. He did not have the time to convene a seminar to discuss the moral, legal, ethical, and philosphical aspects of judging whether the iraqi terrorist [yes terrorist, not "insurgent"] was about to kill him. This is WAR, and people get killed.

Oh, by the way, SIR, do you have any footage of the innocent captives who were beheaded by the terrorists in this same area our brave soldiers are liberating? Footage like like might impress you with how dangerous this enemy is, and with what degree of caution our soldiers must act.

After your betrayal of this unit of our brave soldiers, I wouldn't stay imbedded with our military anymore if you have any degree of common sense. You get the drift.

just me

How about next time YOU be the one to check on an "injured" terrorist who may or may not have a weapon? I hope there is a Marine there with a camera to film you wetting yourself if that were ever to happen. That I would pay money for. We could put it all over the internet and send it worldwide. Your family and friends would be so proud! You could comfort the Terrorist and give him a bandage! You could whisper in his ear that you believe in his "freedom fight".

Of course that will never happen for you are a coward who only can do what you do under the protection of Marines. PIG!

You are a disgrace!


This is a photographer that John Kerry would love. Kerry got a silver star for shooting a fleeing unarmed Vietnamese boy in the back. This Marine should get the Medal of Honor.

9/11/01 Survivor

You have given aid to those who killed 3,000 innocent people on American soil -- and who would do so again if they had the means and the opportunity to do so.

I know that one day you will return to the safety of these shores -- made safe by the 1,000's of brave young men like the young marine you photographed.

Richard Evans

People like you are why journalists are hated and misstrusted by the military. You haven't got the stones to document the murderous scum that slaughter women like pigs. But you instead sully the reputation of the very men who protect you and provide you with the freedom to publish your

"art". You sicken me.


I am 70 years old, and I have never spoken out before. But I am so disheartened and ashamed of Kevin Sites and his PIMP boss- NBC. In WWII, it was necessary to have censorship of the press in order that important information would not inadvertently fall into enemy hands and give "aid and comfort" to the enemy. Well, Kevin, you and NBC have done just that. It's time to bring back media censorship during wartime.

Allah Fudgebar

Thank you for your tremendous picture of infidel murdering innocent poor iraqi. God willing, this will recruit 1000's of fellow fudgebars to rise up and fight the idolators. Allah would be proud of you, but as your not muslim, you will burn in hell - nevermind.

A Mother

While I don't wish death upon you, as many rightfully angry citizens do, I do hope you are recognized as the anti-American idiot you are, and are shunned and commercially unappealing.

But I doubt that would happen, as most in your field will laud you as a brave man. You aren't, you are just in the company of brave men.

God bless our military, and may they stay safe in the face of adversity, wherever it may rear its ugly head.

Allah Fudgebar

Thank you for your tremendous picture of infidel murdering innocent poor iraqi. God willing, this will recruit 1000's of fellow fudgebars to rise up and fight the idolators. Allah would be proud of you, but as your not muslim, you will burn in hell - nevermind.

Barry L. S.

I have struggled for the past few days to try and understand what has happened to our country when after the lessons of Abu Ghraib, the media finds it necessarry to once again put our troops and innocent civilians in harms way. The truth of the matter is you are not an American. You seek self glorification at the expense of others under the guise of "reporting". You deliberately withheld information from the Marines who entered the mosque and said nothing when they entered into their stressed encounter with the wounded terrorist. Only after you had taped the Marine shooting him did you tell the Marines in the mosque that other Marines had already cleared it. You are a despicable traitor to the men and women who have seen fit to help protect you while in Iraq, and now you have committed the ultimate traitorous act by setting one of them up to be fodder for the media and notwithstanding the jihadists. I want so very badly to call you anything but a nice guy, but I think deep inside, you already know you're not a nice guy. Do the United States a favor, and root for our side for once!

MSgt, USAF retired

John Fluffy Kerry

Reporting for duty.

Bev Raine

You should be ashamed of yourself. That Marine was simply doing his job. YOU would have been dead also if that injured terrorist had thrown a bomb out from under his robe. Hey, that Marine may very well saved YOUR life. You're a scumbag.



robert a walker


Please take your camera- your agenda and your butt out of Iraq. You have put our troops lives at risk and given aid to our enemy. Perhaps that was your plan all along. You could have been and honest man and givien your film to the top brass if you were so concerned- but instead you gave it straight to our enemies.

REmember that the next time you read of a dead Marine and read about how his family suffers.

No matter what you think of this war- these guys are there to do their job- and it is not easy- you just made it harder.

You are no American- you are a leach- sucking off of our fine military folks for your freedom.

Shame on you!

We will not forget your treason , your face or your agenda, ever.

John Rabin

You provide more fodder for the recruitment efforts of the terrorists. Thanks a lot, asshole!

David Parsons

Comrade Sites,

This poll clearly shows the sentiment of the American public toward the young soldier.

Should the Marine from the Saturday incident be prosecuted? Vote in the Poll!

Current results

Yes (6.3 %) 59 votes

No (93.7 %) 879 votes

Total Votes: 879




I think General Sherman in the Civil War had the right idea. He had so many problems with intelligence being leaked my members of the press that tagged along with his army that he threatened to hang them as spies if he found any more.

What is being done not only passes information to the enemy, but aids and comforts the enemy.

Better watch your back, you just might get "fragged."


You are a first class ass hole

Marcia P.

I've never made a public statement in my 63 years. Your irresponsible photo of a marine doing his duty has prompted me to express my dismay as your lack of understanding of the work the military must do. I am even more amazed at your actions since you are on the scene and should know better. You should be ashamed of your betrayal of your country's actions.


I'm horrified by the hateful comments posted here, demonstrating ignorance about the role of the press and demonstrating no regard for the truth.

Thank you, Mr. Sites for your work in Iraq.

Osama Bin Laden

Dear Mr. Sites,

Thank you for your help with our Jihad. We couldn't have as much fun killing the infidels, Christians and Jews without the complicity, aid and comfort of useful fools in the Western media such as you. Can you please take some pictures of injured women and children and blame it on the American crusaders?



I hope you buy it over there

kenneth e phillipps

shame of yourself - how much money do you get for those pictures !!! did anti war john flip kerry pay you ?? get out of iraq and go to france ... no place for you in USA

Daniel Percival

You are a lowlife scum trying to make a name for yourself by sacrificing a young stressed out marine. I hope the marines think of a good punishment for you and your ilk. Maybe they will simply withhold their protection and let the jackals of Iraq do with you what they would do to all of us if they could. You are scum.


Mr. Sites, you are truly a disgrace to your profession. This is how you repay the marines who protect you day in and day out. I hope you find comfort in that camera the next time the marines leave you in the battlefield to defend yourself. Hell you might be able to video tape your own beheading when the insurgents capture you.

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