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a saarto

Maybe you all should slow down your whining. Please, read Sites's careful and detailed statement before you nail him:


war is a fact life. there has never been 'no war'.

"the only thing necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing" -Edmund Burke

Sometimes taking out the bad guys, is the right thing to do... Even if you pussies disagree.


You people are disgusting. Our marines are on the receiving end of this war. Kevin Sipes is a fungus...........


The recent publication of the video of a U.S. Marine shooting an Iraqi "insurgent" is the latest installment in Old Media's unending war against the United States military. Embedded photographer Kevin Sites' motivation is a toss up. He resembles a typical longhaired antiwar radical, plus he has submitted photos to an antiwar site - Some of Sites actions are suspicious, as will be detailed below. Furthermore, Sites had to first edit the no doubt voluminous footage he has amassed as an embed. He had to know that his incriminating video would make it to the big time - and provide Al Jazeera and the conspiratorial "Arab Street" with endless ammunition against American troops and their mission in the Middle East.

As predicted, the Arab media erupted in hypocritical outrage. The Arab League called the shooting a "war crime", while the peace loving Hezbollah called it a "crime against humanity". They should certainly know about those. Meanwhile, nary a tear has been shed over the horrific brutality of the Islamist jihadists. An endless river of blood has been shed, both in Iraq and out of it, by these fanatics. We have seen them coldly executing victims screaming in anguish as their heads are slowly sawn off. We have seen them shooting small children in the back in Beslan. We have seen the mutilated and burned corpses of U.S. civilian contractors dragged through the streets and hung from bridges. The same day as the shooting, a woman's body was recovered. She had been disembowled, her throat slit, her hands and lower legs had been cut off and her face so disfigured that it was impossible to identify her. It is believed that she is Margaret Hassan, an Irish born woman with Iraqi citizenship who was married to an Iraqi and was best known for her generous charitable work among Iraq's poorest citizens. Al Jazeera has declined to air this tape.

Oliver North, relying on firsthand knowledge from the men who were there, reports that there were two gun battles which occurred in the mosque, the first on Friday, November 12th, when U.S. Marines were fired upon by heavily armed terrorists. After an intense battle the Marines secured the location. Reporters were then shown the immense arsenal which had been stored in the mosque in clear violation of war crimes laws. As this platoon moved on to their next location, five wounded terrorists were left behind for another unit to evacuate. On Saturday, a different platoon moved in and the second gun battle ensued. This time, Mr. Sites and his NBC crew accompanied them and shot the tape shown 'round the world.

Col. North notes that Mr. Sites mentions in his written report that four of the enemy combatants were some of the same group that had been left behind from the firefight on Friday. Amazingly, this appears to suggest that Mr. Sites knew that this group of Marines were about to discover four wounded terrorists as they rushed into the room. Why didn't Mr. Sites bother to mention this small fact to the platoon? Was he trying to set up a situation which might provide him with some juicy footage? If so, Mr. Sites is not only responsible for that man's death, he is also responsible for grievously slandering the U.S. military and forever affecting the life of that U.S. Marine.

A. Patriot

After having seen Mr. Sites' photos and read his account of the incident that has stirred so much hate filled response, I am reminded that there will always be some who believe that the war justifies any and all actions on the part of uniformed personnel. I'm sure there are people on both sides of any conflict that feel this way.

I believe that the soldiers who represent the U.S. should be held to a higher standard. The military calls it honor, and it's ideal encompasses a larger group than the squad or the platoon.

Mr. Sites does us all a service by taking on the job of documenting the horrors of war. If you do not believe this is true, perhaps you should take it up with our commander-in-chief or the networks who "embed" journalists in the field.

In the mean time, try to contain your emotions, if only long enough to avoid the temptation to buy a newly legalized assault weapon. Most of you who responded to Mr. Sites' work seem angry enough to do yourselves grave harm.

$$$ Save Kevin $$$ fatten his paycheck to do more good deeds!

Harald, are you sure you're not Kevin Sites on the D-Low? I know you wouldn't be propagandizing his blog would you...come on Kevy! Did NBC not fatten you paycheck enough! You have to use dirty tricks to redirect us to your site for more publicity!?


Oh Jacques Marquez! You loveable Euro-weenie! Don't forget your U.N. condemned "Ivory Coast" invasion last week, eh? After all, France only looks after it's best interests!

And who cares what Kofi's Gang of Corruption has to say anyway!

Mark D Hunsberger

Reporters who have not served in combat in war time; should never be allowed to report on anything having to do with war.

Jacques Marquez

You Americans are so vicious, so mean. Sites was just doing his job. Why don't you learn from my country, France? We are nice, not like you. We surrender, not like you. Your invasion of Iraq was illegal. You ruined the deal we had with Saddam. You are always messing things up. Learn to ignore evil like France. That way you won't be hated.


I took some time to look at Kevin's photos. His work reveals a rather limited technical proficiancy and a decided inability to grasp theme. College level at best. Maybe you krauts should donate some of your money from your second, untaxed, jobs to get Kevin some more training.


Harald, as a European, you must realize you are irrelevant. Soon you will realize this as you stand in a breadline after we close all our German military bases that have been propping up your economy all these years. We'll call when we need more cars. Until then, shut up, your country is meaningless.


In the event you go out with the next Marine Patrol why don't you and your camera take point and if the insurgents don't take you out maybe a misplaced US mortar round will. You are a sorry excuse of an American citizen. Hopefully if the mortar round doesn't get you the insurgents will and behead you.

go sites

typical americans... who cares who they shoot, right?? you keep on saying ´the iraqis dont fight by any rules´... so US marines shouldnt have rules either??? i thought you guys were in that country to make it better, not just to participate in their dirty games. sites explained there were marines coming out of the building as they were going in... well, if there was any kind of threat, why wasnt this guy killed already??? maybe you americans should think about who you send to war, especially one as illegal and controversial as this one, knowing every wrongdoing would be all over the news.


Kevin, i hope Fu*king die. you are a terrorist loving piece of $hit.

hill RE-Dux!

Hey guys, Kevin posts in his on-line p*ssy blog that he tells Iraqi's he is an Irish man.

Kevin, YOU ARE SO RAD! Exactly how big are your balls?


Hi Kevin, just wondering— did you happen to catch the Iraqi Freedom Fighter the day before?

You know, the one that "played" dead and blew up everyone in the room, include United States marines? Too bad, so sad.

Thanks for your "selective" coverage! Your fellow American...

Tom Poole

I misspelled "Sites" as "Sikes" because I've been out of town and just now saw it in print for the first time.

Tom Poole

Regarding the young Marine doing his best to protect us and Sikes protesting that action, perhaps he should work for Al Jazeera. However, because of the protection afforded by these military people, Sikes is free to work anywhere he wishes. Advertisers and employers of Sikes and his kind should be aware that we the people are fed up with his kind. Many of us will watch his action closely and carry out effective boycotts and exposure of any wrongdoing.

Mike Sengewalt

Kevin Sites:

It is expected that left wing "journalists" who have never been to the front lines in Iraq will put out propaganda against the war. But for you it is a disgrace. You have seen first hand that the terrorist do not have rules of engagement. If that soldier was your brother, what would you have wanted him to do in that situation? You are quite simply a traitor.


Perhaps we should all go there with you and your lib friends and hug and kiss them and sing kumbaya around a fire.

JUST DO YOU JOB AND FILM IF YOU CAN’T GET OUT. you shouldent be there anyway, your just in the way of our boys doing their jobs. Moping up the towel heads

YOU ULTRA LIB. Remember 9-11-01 you ass

Dale Carlson

Kevin Sites, you did certainly immortalize a hero in action with your attemptedsmear job. This Marine did his job as he should have. The Iraqi murderers he is fighting does not fight by ANY rules. Your desire for fame threatens all our soldiers fighting for their lives as to blatently energize the enemy. Cameras should NOT be allowed in the "nasty and dirty" of war. Your so called reporting puts our men at risk and makes them hesitate just that single second that it takes an Iraqi murderer (as opposed to soldier) shoot them in the back. If there ANY fighters left in it town, they are all fair game whether they armed, unarmed, flying a white flag (as they kill from a white flag). These war criminals who DO NOT speak for their country must all be exterminated. You sell your little story to the enemy press to push your cause...sleep well as YOU kill our soldiers.

Dale Caralson


Marshall Hopkins

Let justice be done, though the heavens may fall. You're a camera operator. Not a pundit or a politician. You have presented that footage without preference or prejudice, and it is what happened, warts and all. Your job is to report what is present. You've done your job, and a good one at that, Mr. Sites. Go home and sleep well, and ignore the blind jingoistic. "What do we mean by patriotism in the context of our times? I venture to suggest that what we mean is a sense of national responsibility ... a patriotism which is not short, frenzied outbursts of emotion, but the tranquil and steady dedication of a lifetime." - Adlai Stevenson

Andrei Stieber

Sites, you are a traitor. 'nuf said.

Marine Vet wife

you don't have a clue what makes freedom. you had premeditated harm toward that Marine and you should be in jail with no key. Maybe you should go live in Sudan or elsewhere and see what it is like when the do the"spilling of the Blood"

A Marine Mom

It is very difficult to address you with any sense of dignity, but to honor the military men and women currently in Iraq , I will attempt civility. You have put comments and pictures on an anti-war website, and you have intentionally degraded and demonized the service of our Marines in this war. You deserve no "slack" because you have such an obvious agenda with the release of the film in Fallujah. It is all about you, isn't it? Do you consider yourself brave because you held a camera and, oh my goodness, took pictures of this "dirty little conflict" in such a big man's way? Does it make you feel like some kind of warrior because you can push an "on/off" switch anytime you want to? Do you think you deserve some kind of medal for being oh, so brave, while you followed and hid behind the Marines in that mosque? An interesting irony is the name of your film company, Shoot First Films. Judging by your actions, this is a liberty you afford to yourself only. Where are the pictures of our fallen and injured Marines who were killed or wounded due to the dirty tricks strategy of the Iraqi insurgents? Would you rather give comfort to the mother of the insurgent killed on your film than to the mother of the Marine killed the day before from the booby-trapped body? This is a war, young man, and you have no place in it. I laugh in disgust when I compare you to my 19 year old Marine son, a rifleman now in Iraq, doing an outstanding job, carrying a rifle not a camera, risking his life daily. THANK GOD you are not an indebted reporter with his unit where you might get your Sites on him. My son's "on/off" switch is the safety on his M16 and I can promise you he uses it wisely. I am proud of all the Marines, and especially the young man you have attempted to discredit. He did his job and could have saved your life in different circumstances. Since you have such sympathy for the insurgents, why don't you volunteer your time and great talents to filming their next suicide bombing, beheading, rape, dismembering, torturing and or killing of a U.S. serviceman. There is NO comparison between the two jobs of soldier and journalist, of deciding who to shoot vs. what to film. Since the fine young Marine has been removed from duty, I would suggest that you remove yourself from duty in Iraq and find the closest Walgreen's one-hour photo lab and hide behind the counter there.

Gary Watson

"He that would make his own liberty secure, must guard even his enemy from oppression; for if he violates this duty, he establishes a precedent which will reach to himself."

--Thomas Paine (1737-1809), conclusion, _Dissertation on First Principles of Government,_1795


Nam Vet dec. 66-jan 68

Hue, Khe Sanh, Dong Ha.

Keep up the good work and shoot every muslem dirtbag thats in front of you that includes the horizontal ones concealing weapons or explosives.

ruth breil

will the show stay on line? and are there plans

to turn it into a book, or another gallery showing? I am curious, as i am in it (ruth kohn-

breil.) thanks.


Kerry chased down a wounded Viet Cong and shot him behind a hut and he got a medal and the old media thought he was a hero.

Now the anti-military, anti-American media wants to make a big deal about a marine who shoot some scumbag….TALK ABOUT A F#@#$%ING DOUBLE STANDARD!!!

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