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Thank God there are some news photographers left that aren't cold-blooded murderers or complicit with same.


Kevin where you step, we wouldn't want you to slip and fall on a bayonet.


The interesting information. But I know, where she(it) is even more interesting.


I hate my country to the point that I gleefully laugh whenever soldiers die.

I like to comfort terrorists and coddle evil.

I enjoy dhimmi-hood.

Please don't hurt me mighty muslim warriors!


Re. Kevin Sites

Funny how the US media jumps at the chance to proclaim us scandalous for things that other countries may or may not think is scandalous - until we define it as such. It took 3 years to completely control Germany after WWII was over. Nazi stragglers hid and tried to carry out covert terrorism all during that time. If Allied forces caught them, they were shot - period. No media hubub, no human rights watchgroups, no ACLU. We have gotten soft, expecting "instant" everything.. including peace. Satellites have given us the blessing and curse of "instant" media that is not necessarily loyal to the US. If Allied forces had been blessed with today's media, we'd be speaking German or Japanese.

Because reporters are NOT reporting about the positive thing being done in Iraq by US troops, prison reforms, or how most prisoners survive and are treated fairly the press is playing into the insurgent's hands. If that story were told, and the US troops were seen by media in a more humane fashion, the level of fanaticism among the insurgents might not be quite as high as it is now.

A True American

Go live in France you POS


There's nothing on this world that justified the war, it's a stupid and unnecesary way to seek the "freedom"....all we know the real ration of the Irak War: the Oil control. Mr. Site: Congratulations, but your video it's just the confirmation of something that we know: many inocent, and poor people are sufer (it's include irakies and us marines) for the economic interest of some ones...


Sites is a moron. If he doesn't like this country WHY IS HE STILL HERE? He's probably worshipping Hitler as I write. What a scumbag (with all due respect to bags that hold scum).


Kevin is doing it all right, you the paranoic and war sick people who think that you're setting free a country who doesn't need your crap. I'm sure that you're all being manipulated by your coward president, he's just a liar who is trying to fool you (and I'm sorry to say that he is being succesfull). Why do you think that he was not in Vietnam? Why do you think that the world needs someone like him? I must to insist, you are being used to support one of the worst crimes: Killing women and childrens and, even worse, saying that they were 'terrorists'. Your president is a terrorist by his own definition of terrorism, just analyze it, I hope you do it, but I know you won't because all of you are completely blind. It's very sad to admit that some people don't deserve to live, your president and his dyslexia is the greatest sample.


Mr Sikes, you have now put yourself in infamy. Your use and transmission of those photos have earned you a new reputation in life. I hope that someday we can meet to discuss your cowardice in the face of the real enemy. These people who you hold dear to yourself would just as soon slit your throat than give you the time of day. As a former Marine during the sixties, I can assure you that War is hell. However, you have taken it one step beyond. You have enjoined with the enemy and created a treasonous position for yourself. I wonder if you would publicize where and when you return to this country, I know a lot of people who would greatly appreciate meeting you to spit on you as we were on our return from war many years ago. You are a disgusting piece of liberal garbage and should be treated as such. I hope you think about what you did for the rest of your life. If one of my family of Marines dies due to a split second decision that he hesitated on, may God have mercy on your soul, you are a disgusting human being.


Sites, I won't grace you with the honorific of "Mister" since you do not deserve it.

You stood there and calculated how you could use what you saw to get a name for yourself and boost your 'message' against war.

Probably because you're upset that your boy John Kerry -the lap dog poodle- lost the election.

So you've got a hard on to embarrass the President any way you could.

And so you did this.

You acted irresponsibly, and should no longer be eligible to report on anything over there since your bias is proven and your objectivity is in serious question.

Either turn in your press pass and go home, or run off and join the terrorists you sympathise with.

You acted irresponsibly.

You SHOULD have turned the tape over to headquarters, pending investigation.

But that's not what you did.

You saw an opportunity to get notoriety out of it.

Pray that notoriety doesn't make you a target for abduction by the terrorists.

your pleas for mercy and claims of being on their side will fall on deaf ears, and they will kill you despite your sympathies to them.


The overbearing ignorance of your antiwar ideology is breathtaking.No one wants war.We would all love to have a world where we can all live in peace and harmony.However,not everyone has the same perspective of life and liberty.Were we to not have war,were we not to fight for what is good and decent and true in this world,you would experience horrors and atrocities the likes of which you have never seen before.War is a necessary evil.Like it or loathe it, it is here to stay,as long as there is dissent,oppression and hatemongering. You can't wish it away;you can't chant it away;you can't protest it away.You can,however,diminish the need for it by taking up a rifle and joining the fray,rather than meekly decrying what is the struggle for freedom and democracy that allows you to express freely what you feel.Please reevaluate that cause you have taken up,for in the not-so-distant future,if you are not given to defend your freedoms,you may find yourself in a very dark,frightening and dangerous place-without them.And then.....Who will rescue you? The poet,the flower vendor or the unwashed protestor?


I hope next time you will be the victim of Al Zarqawi - you are so ungratel to the Marines that causes you to be alive. Your evil desire to happen to the marines may it fall upon you and your co-conspirators.


You're no better than the terrorists that slice off the heads of innocent people. You say you're anti-war, but your actions speak otherwise. Someone who is anti-war is suppose to be putting effort toward ending the war, for all involved. All you seem to be able to do is throw fuel on the fire, and enjoying it. You and your work are worthless, and of no help to anyone. The only thing you are doing is instilling more hatred and anger between the ones that are fighting. Not to worry though, if you continue on the path you've chosed, you will surely meet your demise.


Here are men out there defending YOUR right to do what you are doing, and you are defending vile, disgusting MURDERERS who would not think twice about slitting your throat?? you are a trator and do not deserve to be an American. I hope you are charged for what you did to that marine who was doing his duty! There is no comparision between a man who is protecting himself, his fellow soldiers, and ultimately, his country, and a man who slaughters and rapes in order to strike terror into the hearts of anyone who does not believe what he does. You disgust me.


You are a worthless sack of shit. If you gave a rats ass about those US Marines, ( who were protecting your worthless ass) you would have turned the tape over to that Marine's chain of command instead of broadcasting your totally out of context "documentary". How many young Marines and soldiers do you suppose might hesitate just long enough to get themselves or others (including reporters) killed because of your treachery? You are beneath contempt.


As a Viet Nam combat vet, we are not going to stand by quietly and permit Jane Fonda wannabes do to our volunteer brothers and sisters. I cannot wait to meet you in person to 'splain this to you.

Janet Hopper

Kevin - the enemy within. Shame on you.


Kevin-your a piece of work.I hope the Marines you betray dont have to protect you!!!! Your a piece of crap


How many Marines have ben killed over the years by either booby-trapped bodies, or enemy soldiers playing dead, only to roll over and uncover a grenade with the pin pulled? That Marine may have saved YOUR sorry ass. Thank him, why don't you.


freedom will live

And lets not forget that freedom is the birthright of many,many wars. Now that is creating something grander and larger than most bedwetting liberals can tolerate or even recognize.

IF left up to the liberals around here we would live under a real dictator-there would be no America other than their socialist utopia- but hey we wouldn't have to listen to their crap-

They would be killed for speaking out! Hmmm.... Makes me wonder sometimes.

Bob Elmore

You Suck!!


Your anti-war, anti-military schtick doesn't work kevin. I am more proud of America's military than ever before. America's heros are no longer the twisted leftist weenies of hollyweird, the drug addicted sports figure or the Benedict Arnold media--America's new heroes are the soldiers and the firemen! You should be proud of yourself, boy, you just earned the Geraldo Rivera Award for Treason! Jayson Blair will present your award and you'll get a high-five from Dan Rather. Al-Jazeera also says thanks.

Jeff Allen

I'm assuming you have some use in this world since we are all made in His image, but I can't imagine what it would be. To betray those keeping you alive and working with them under false pretenses makes you lower than a dog.

I hope you enjoy your infamous reputation at the cost of a young Marines' career. If you belive in Karma, may the bad karma you just created come back your way 7 fold. If you believe in God, may he judge you as fairly as you judged this marine.

Fred Parker

I believe Journalist ought to respect our Military they are there to protect our Freedoms that some so candidly take for granted.Shame on you for bringing this Soldier to the Point to where we look like Terrorist instead of the real one's over there that will kill as many as it takes to get free press you have fallen for the Terrorist Agenda by taking those Pictures you have helped their cause.


Ah geez,,another internet site pretending to be something it's not... just a front for those who want to make a name for themselves, pat their friends on the back and poo-pooh about their parties and their "art" All done under the oh-so-transparent theme of an "antiwar" UN original....

But hey, how could these so-called "artists" make a name for themselves if there was no war? I mean,,,there'd be no "opening" and no parties and no bashfests to attend...gag.

Useless Site!


Sites, I am a former Marine.

You are a liar of the first order.

Those Marines kept you alive, and then you stabbed them in the back.

You are worse than Benedict Arnold, even worse than John Kerry when it comes to slandering troops.

You are not fit to be dog catcher...well, maybe you are...


Kevin Sites you disgust me. It is obvious to most Americans that you are just trying to make a name for yourself at the expense of an honorable soldier who is putting his life on the line for other. It is because of soldiers like this that you have the right to do what you do under the disguise of “journalist”. How can you even look at yourself in the mirror? Shame on you … shame on you!


Sites you are one who stirs up trouble by telling or showing only half the truth, the part you emphacise is the lie half. shame on you, you are not a journalist but rather a traitor with an agenda. same as nbc.


Those who you have kept you alive will continue to keep you alive, and will lay down their lives to do this. Thank God that the one true God "Jehovah" will judge you fairly. Unlike you have judged the United States Marine Corps. The enemy are such cowards. They cover their faces with rags, their leaders say die for alla, but wont do this themselves. The are defeated and dead already condemed to hell. What would they say if they saw a video showing our bullets being sprayed by pigs blood?

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