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markus georg reintgen

Geduld heißt, dass Sie die Fähigkeit besitzen, ruhig und unerschütterlich zu bleiben, wie die Umstände sich auch immer entwickeln mögen.


stop the war



These pictures are PROOF that WAR IS A CRIME!


Hallo Tina, nachdem nun der Krieg in Georgien ausgebrochen und vorbei ist, kann man wieder dort von vorne anfangen. Nichts ist unsterblicher als der Krieg.



Hallo Tina, schön ,

dass Du solange durchgehalten hast.

Mein Spruch: Gestern ist nie zerlegt.

Solange Menschen Kriege führen ist das Gestern nicht verstanden.

Lieben Gruss eva horstick-schmitt

Adam Smith


When there is no more room in hell, the dead will walk the eart. Well, you know what I mean ;)

Nice site!


Adam Henry Smith

Torsten Kensing

Mister Paulin never has, never had ANY experience in Military. I cannot believe that he´s the greatness inself to introduce itself as he has seen anything about war!

Money makes it, money takes it Alexander....

ruth breil

come see my show in worms/germany: andreas church






Susanne Eyssen

Ich hätte gerne einen Kontakt zu Daniel Rosenthal, weil ich ihm ein Bild abkaufen möchte. Können Sie mir weiterhelfen?

Celeste Bennett

I'm comforted to know the images are there: people are taking note.


Hallo Tina Schöllhorn, wo steckst Du eigentlich mit der Ausstellung? Gruss

Eva Horstick-Schmitt 1 und 2

Dortmund - Berlin

Frank Catini

Remember " Those who don't know history are doomed

to repeat it "

Frank N Catini

Johanna Weber

Nachricht fuer Daniel Rosenthal

Wie immer, Deine Bilder bewegen! Herzlichen Glueckwunsch fuer Deinen Beitrag zu dieser interessanten und wichtigen Ausstellung!

Remember me? PJ London LCP?

Melde dich bitte bei mir,


Tina Schelhorn

to all of you - where ever you are - a peaceful New Year - or at least a little more peaceful than this year.

Frank Smith

Where was Kevin Sites camera when two soldiers stopped in traffic in a Humvee and had their throats cut and then were drug out of the vehicle and were stoned to death? Where was Kevin when contractors had a fire bomb thrown in their vehicle (civilians trying to rebuild for the people) and had their burnt bodies hung on a bridge? Where was Kevin when kidnapped civilians had their heads slowly cut off with their hands behind their backs and then had it broadcast so their families had an image they will never forget? Where is Kevin when insurgents place bombs in areas without regard for women, children, and everyday people that want to begin working to make a better life for their families? Where is Kevin when insurgents store weapons in mosques, hospitals and schools? Where is Kevin when pseudo religious leaders misuse their position to forget about religion and teach hatred and murder? Where is Kevin Sites when people who are trying to participate in the political process and make a better future for their people and are murdered for that participation? I say we take Kevin and embed him with the people doing these acts since no one wants to tell that story. Theres a story to be told Kevin, go get em. See if they protect you like the people that you betrayed.

19.12.2004 is an important tool for the awareness raising related to the war issue.

Images of people can show the usefulness of the war. Everybody can demostrate his vision of this illness that hit the human being since he starts to live this unique planet.

Compliments to the creator of the website and also to all those people are contributing to send every kind of picture.

Kevin Sites Sucks


you are nothing but a worthless human who wants to further your notoriety at the expense of the Soldiers and Marines who provide your beloved freedom of press. You worthless shit bag, how could you betray those marines by trying to stick your faggot dick in their eye. Sites, you are a marked man. Nothing would make me happier than to see those rag head muslims cut your head off while your alive, and have your fellow reporters show it on NBC. The gurgling sounds you make will bring delight to millions of Americans. FUCK YOU !!

Mike Davis

Thank God someone is showing the horror of war. We should not be there. Killing is wrong, for any reason.

Dan G.

Fuck Kevin Sites ! This piece of shit deserves a bullet in HIS head !

Eric Senneville, Volkz.Net


My english is bad but I take this time for simply congratulates you for your work. It's important and I like that. En français cela se dit une image vaut milles mots. Continue your great work, Good bye.


Does anyone of the 'war for freedom supporters' why 2,000 reserves at Buehring Camp, near Irak, are complaining about their payment (they hadn't received a penny a long time ago)? Does anyone know why Jeremy Hinzman is looking for asile in Canada? I'll tell you: Because that war is not for freedom, is to satisfy Bush's own revenge against Saddam because his daddy did not win his war, and his attempt to own the Irak's oil.

Is there anyone else who wants to go and fight 'the war from freedom' with this situation? I hope no. Let's stop this madness, let's stop HIS madness and OPEN OUR EYES for the truth.


Yeah, sure Mike, if that's true (but I know it's not), can somebody tell me why do you have people like Sgt. Massey looking to move to Canada? And why is he so sure that they had killed a lot of innocent people, all of them unarmed?

I'm not in the army, not anymore, so please, don't try to say that HE would go if he could. If he didn't go when he was young, he won't go now. He's just sending you to make you part of the assault of other country's richness with the excuse of freedom defense. Why is he protecting Israel? Israel is now acting like Hitler and Bush is doing nothing. Sometimes I think that he's a jewish too. And you, with just 2 years of service are asking me to 'open my eyes'? Man, you've seen nothing.


i can say this war is about freedom because it is. and about all the museums and stuff, all that stuff was probably robbed before. we just cant go in and destroy the place and leave. we have got to stay there and rebuild. as for the oil, i would guard the oil too. if the oil reserves got into the wrong hands more than half the world would be screwed. wake up kid. and i would send the president to fight if i could. he would fight if he could. we are doing the right thing over in iraq and again. when we are done with iraq. we will move on. as for you calling him a coward. are you in the military? why dont you join and go over. me ive been in for 2 years. so my friend you need to open you eyes and look at all the positives coming out of iraq. cuz there are more positive than negatives.


Ok Clay, but, what about the robbery at the museums? those objects are Human Goods, not just Irak's goods. And about your 1 dl/gal gas, where the hell are you living man? If you are paying just 1 buck I would move to the same place.


Ralph, where do you get "Bushes greed?" What are you smoking? Like Bush himself order the oil wells protected (so you can have $1.00 / gal gasoline) and ordered the museums abandoned??? Get a grip.


Mike, how can you say that this war is for freedom? Man, if you can't remember I'll tell you: When the troops arrived to Bagdad there were a lot of joy in the people because they were thinking about getting rid of Saddam, but what happened next? Do you remember the assault to museums, libraries, etcetera? Do you remember where were the troops? They were 'protecting' the Oil Ministery not the cultural places. You're completely blind if you think Bush is sending your best people to die for freedom, he's just sending you to die for his greed, why don't you send him to fight? He won't go because he IS A REAL COWARD, the troops have the support, but that's not enough to know that we are doing the right thing.

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